Founded on the Sunshine Coast, Australia - Muscle Boom Co was birthed when two friends decided to commit to a vision.

Inspired by growth, style and self-expression, Muscle Boom Co (MBC) became a lifestyle.

We aim to challenge the mainstream and go against the crowd. We are the ones who stand proud in our conviction.

When the vision was clear, our founders went all in. Like they had to, in order to turn this idealistic concept into a new reality.

They came across percussive therapy and noticed what people needed costed $800. They saw people turn to cheap devices that wasted money, and ruined percussive therapy as a whole. 

They tested almost a hundred devices to find what made a REAL percussive therapy device. It took hundreds of late nights of designing and planning to see the brand that is now Muscle Boom Co come to life. 

With an underlying focus of providing an exceptional experience that customers had never seen before. Attention to detail was ingrained into the brand from day one.

This extended from each element in the unboxing experience to the every last detail on every Muscle Boom and Athleisure we make. 

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Months into sales, we placed our first released product (The Muscle Boom Prime) into all Fitness Cartels Australia.

It was clear MBC had potential and we wanted to put a Muscle Boom in as many peoples hands as possible. Our vision and designing skills were incorporated into all products we designed and made that people just loved. 

Quality over everything. We would like to personally thank everyone who has supported the continental growth of the Muscle Boom Journey. 

A dream that came to reality - we would be nothing without our loyal customers.

You are the reason we do what we do .

If you are a member of our family, we appreciate you - and if you are yet to join the rapidly growing MBC family, don't miss the wave - shop today and enjoy your favourite percussive therapy devices and athleisure.